All of Chapter 3 – so far…

Cover_Issue3_nobleed HOHW-InkPg41 HOHW-InkPg42 HOHW-InkPg43

HOHW-InkPg44 HOHW-InkPg45 HOHW-InkPg46 HOHW-InkPg47 HOHW-InkPg48 HOHW-InkPg49 HOHW-Pg50 HOHW-InkPg51 HOHW-InkPg52

HOHW-InkPg49ALT HOHW-InkPg53 HOHW-InkPg54 HOHW-InkPg55 HOHW-InkPg56 HOHW-InkPg57Okay, that’s a good place to stop for now. These pages represent #s 41 – 58 of Hell or High Water, but only a portion of this chapter, “Bitter.” Very soon,¬†will be collected as #3 of six in the serialized collection.You’ll be able to read the rest of this chapter by checking out the comic from my shop in a few weeks. Thanks for reading.


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